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Is it possible to factor in the length of a way in Overpass API query? For example querying for ways that are highway=service and that are longer than 100m.

Thanks in advance!

asked 10 Aug '14, 08:09

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How do you define a way? An OSM way where a single street can consist of many individual ways? A part of a street up to the next intersection? A whole street consisting of multiple OSM ways all having the same name? Something else?

(11 Aug '14, 08:40) scai ♦

I was talking about OSM ways - not streets. So a way is a set of nodes that are connected and that (in my case) don't form an area. A street can exist of one or more way(s). So basically I meant ways as there're defined for overpass queries (just without areas).

(11 Aug '14, 08:54) kerosin

Unfortunately, it's not possible to specify the length of a way as filter criterion in Overpass API. You need to resort to some kind of post-processing, e.g. using PostGIS or something similar.

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answered 10 Aug '14, 08:35

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answered 11 Aug '14, 18:12

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answered 18 Nov '19, 12:04

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You can add length data to the output of an overpass query, see

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answered 25 Sep '21, 11:15

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