Can hold space bar and drag underlying map with edits remaining stationary in Potlatch 1, but using same technique in Potlatch 2 moves both underlying map and the edits at the same time. Any ideas please? (Win 7 SP1)

asked 05 Mar '11, 10:33

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We're always anxious to hear of bugs like this that can be consistently reproduced. There are some simple debugging instructions on the wiki that will help you file bug reports so we can nail it down. Thanks in advance. :)

It's worth noting that the version on is not always the latest version of the code. You can test whether the bug has already been fixed by using the test build at (It talks to a test database, not the main OSM database, so you can mess around to your heart's content.)

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answered 05 Mar '11, 12:25

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Richard. Thanks for the pointer and I have checked on the test build page and cannot reproduce the bug, so it appears to have been fettled. Cheers.

(05 Mar '11, 16:46) Molescott

I believe this is a little glitch which occurs in Potlatch2: several actions do not occur the first time but will work as expected when repeated. I often have this problem and merely repeat the action and usually can adjust the map.

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answered 05 Mar '11, 11:28

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SK53 Thanks for the hint. I've now realised that if I load P2 then click on the edit pane to activate it, then delete the node I've just made, I can slide the background with no difficulty.

If I load P2 and don't do this, then invariably as soon as I hit the spacebar I get taken to the Nominatim page on the Wiki.

(05 Mar '11, 13:39) Molescott

Ah, right, I see where you're coming from. No Flash applet will ever respond to keypresses until you've clicked on it. It's an intentional security feature to stop applets monitoring your keyboard input (e.g. passwords).

(06 Mar '11, 12:05) Richard ♦
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