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I have added new a road with new postcode on 17 July 2014. I can see the edit, but and nothing has happened since. Does someone need to approve it?

asked 07 Aug '14, 09:40

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Petr Kysela
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edited 07 Aug '14, 12:48

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aseerel4c26 ♦

High Court Drive is visible to me. See other questions about clearing locally cached tiles, perhaps? (Often shift-F5 in your browser)

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answered 07 Aug '14, 09:59

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EdLoach ♦
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I see that if you search for High Court Drive it finds it. Does that mean the edit has been approved?

However, no matches if you search for the postcode:

Do you have to register a postcode separately?

(07 Aug '14, 10:05) Petr Kysela

There is no approval process. All edits when saved affect the live Openstreetmap database. The rendering database(s) which displays the map(s) and the search database used by the nominatim engine update from that at intervals. I'll have to investigate how the postcode searches work - I normally add them to houses rather than streets, and if this road is new the postcode probably isn't in the UK database information that the search engine falls back to.

(07 Aug '14, 10:09) EdLoach ♦

I suspect that Nominatim (the OSM search engine) does not look for postcodes on roads. You may like to try our local OSM site for the Nottingham area (which also doesnt look for postcodes on roads),1,17&s=NG12%205LY&st=SearchOpendataJson. It would greatly help if you could add the 5 houses : just as a single point (node) with addr:housenumber and the addr:postcode. These will show up on the map.

(07 Aug '14, 10:23) SK53 ♦

Note, it really doesn't help that this postcode looks to have been reused from a former block of flats elsewhere in Keyworth (on Debdale Lane). I'm afraid satnavs etc. will be using the former location. See this local council site:

(07 Aug '14, 10:26) SK53 ♦

Thanks, I have added the houses with the relevant address tags.

(07 Aug '14, 10:55) Petr Kysela

Great, saves a trip out to Keyworth (although it probably needs a brush-up as it was mainly surveyed 4 years ago). Many thanks for the edits.

(07 Aug '14, 11:35) SK53 ♦
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