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I have now posted two questions about mapping intersections of divided roads and turn restrictions. I am getting there, but I wanted to ask this separately.

If two divided roads intersect, we are going to end up with four intersection nodes. This much is clear. If there are "No U turn" signs to be made, then the ways need to be split in two and three parts respectively. The northbound side of Street A becomes the "from" of the relation, the southbound side is the "to", and the short section of Street B in-between is the "via".

Should I wipe out the name of this short "via" section? If I don't, it can lead to some interesting rendering. Or it may not. Is there a best practice for this?

asked 05 Mar '11, 09:46

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No you don't need to (or actually should't) remove the name from the short "via" section. Every decent renderer will omit the name on that short bit and any good renderer will merge the pieces with the same name internally and will perform label placement on the stitched way. This obviously only works if all touching parts of the street actually carry the name of the street.

Routing software benefits from the name on the short "via" part too. Many routers simply check if the name of the next part of the route is the same as the name on the current part. If not they will issue a command like "continue on to Street A". Obviously this gets a lot harder to check and generate if short unnamed stretches of Street A are present.

And last but not least: that part is part of Street A so it should carry that name.

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answered 05 Mar '11, 10:04

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> If I don't, it can lead to some interesting rendering

Don't let that concern you. Map what's correct. The renderers will figure it out for themselves, and if not, we'll fix the renderers.

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answered 05 Mar '11, 12:18

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