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Title says it all. I'm trying to simply enter a store address and there seems to be no where to easily do this. Asking for longitude and latitude versus a physically street address doesn't seem normal. Please help!

asked 06 Aug '14, 20:13

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Collectors C...
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OpenStreetMap is not a business directory. You might just have misunderstood what this site is about.

For OpenStreetMap, the actual location of something is important. We don't care if there is a certain shop at a certain address in Kansas. We want to know where exactly that address is, on the map. The whole time, essentially, you are fighting against a system that wants you to pinpoint a location on the map, whereas you simply want to list a business against an address. That's why you find it frustrating - but the answer is simple, you're trying to use the wrong system (Openstreetmap) for the wrong purpose (business listing).

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answered 06 Aug '14, 21:06

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Even when you want to use OSM to pinpoint a location on the map, you should never have to fill in numbers for longitude and latitude by hand. Those numbers should be generated from a click on a map.

Unfortunately, an AndiG88 pointed out in one of the comments, that is the way to set your home location in your account. Maybe the OP is having problems with this step ?

So I'm not so sure that the OP is misunderstanding the OSM concept.

(07 Aug '14, 06:05) escada

Very brief, after you have registered: press the arrow button next to edit, choose "Edit with iD". The editor starts up Click on "Point" Then click on the map where the POI has to come. Then type e.g. "Restaurant" next to search. Click the restaurant line from the menu. Then you can fill in the address.

I don't see any moment in this workflow where they are asking for longitude & latitude

For more details, look at the links that Hendrikklaas has posted

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answered 06 Aug '14, 20:38

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Under 'My Settings' under Home Location it asks for Longitude and Latitidude.

(06 Aug '14, 20:50) Collectors C...

The home location does not matter at all when you just want to edit the map.

Sees like a technical issue either with your browser (tried a different one?) or the website (already had a small issue myself today). You should be able to just go to a place on the map, zoom in, hit edit and then edit the map.

(06 Aug '14, 21:13) AndiG88

The home location is so other contributors could possibly consult on a local mapping issue. Their home location will not show on the map, unless you check a users profile.

(07 Aug '14, 11:24) andy mackey

One thing that you might find useful if you want to add a business to OpenStreetMap is That adds a map note at your business location, and someone else can then make sure it's on the map.

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answered 06 Aug '14, 21:28

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SomeoneElse ♦
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Some questions, Please provide more info for instance an address of the shop ? Which menu are you referring to ? ? If so please read the instructions how to participate, and the beginners site and its 2 minutes work to add the intended shop address PPs use Potlach 2 or ID to contribute.

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answered 06 Aug '14, 20:32

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When I clicked the Edit button, it said that the Map couldn't load and also said this:

There was a problem loading the map data. Please check your internet connection, or try zooming in.

(06 Aug '14, 20:48) Collectors C...

Collector's Cache 13354 College Blvd Lenexa, KS 66210 United States

(06 Aug '14, 20:49) Collectors C...

@Collectors: maybe there really is a current server problem, then please try again later. Or try with another browser (no Internet Explorer please).

(06 Aug '14, 21:14) aseerel4c26 ♦

"try zooming in", did you try that ? The reason for this is that there is a lot of data in OSM. When you are zoomed out, you have to download to much data. Use the zoom control to zoom in closer on the spot where you want to add your POI

BTW, where did you copy that URL ? When you use the iD editor, you will not see that URL

(07 Aug '14, 04:55) escada

If you feel overwhelmed and do not really plan to contribute anything else than a shop you could add a "note" and a experienced mapper will take care of it after some time (minutes, hours, days, weeks). If possible, please login with your account first, so the option for mail notifications exist. See i-dont-want-to-fix-an-mapping-error-but-i-do-want-to-report-one. However, please only do so if the shop if of really some relevance to people – we do not really like to have every tiny backyard shop.

Otherwise see how-do-i-get-started-with-openstreetmap.

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answered 06 Aug '14, 21:10

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aseerel4c26 ♦
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This would be very helpful. We accept Bitcoin at our store and one of our customers told us about and said we should list our store on there. Here is our store address and if anyone could list us on here that would be great! Here's the address again: Collector's Cache 13354 College Blvd Lenexa, KS 66210

(06 Aug '14, 22:22) Collectors C...

@Collectors Cache: Please use the link which user SomoneElse mentioned (this helps to get the position right – remember, we want to be accurate if possible). This should really work for you as you initially expected it.

(06 Aug '14, 22:48) aseerel4c26 ♦

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