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I want to join together this junction in Potlatch 2

alt text

At the moment there are two ways passing over eachother, and two nodes which need to become one

Do I need to select both nodes and then do a "merge nodes" operation? How do I do this in Potlatch 2?

asked 04 Mar '11, 23:11

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Harry Wood
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ponzu is correct about Shift-clicking the intersection point.

You can also move the node so that it's over the other way (i.e. in the right place for the junction) and press 'J' for join. It should make the intersection. You'll be able to tell it's succeeded because the node will be redrawn with the black [_] border.

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answered 05 Mar '11, 12:21

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Richard ♦
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best not to write "ponzu is correct" in case he removes his answer later.

(07 Mar '11, 09:11) Andy Allan

best not to refer to literal portions of other answers in case those are removed later, possibly in response to sensible criticism ;)

(21 Oct '11, 10:54) Frederik Ramm ♦

In Potlatch 2, if you want to create an intersection where two ways are crossing, you Shift-click the intersection point and a junction node appears.

I am not sure what you mean by wanting two nodes to become one. If there are nodes in each way that are at, or close to, the location of the intended junction, they may just get in the way. I would delete them either before or after you make the junction as mentioned above.

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answered 05 Mar '11, 08:57

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edited 05 Mar '11, 08:57

That's the way to do this if I was adding one of the two roads in. I know about shift click and this isn't quite the answer I'm looking for. The roads are already in place, and I haven't shown this, but imagine the roads are extending off in long and winding ways off the edge of the pictured area, so redrawing them is not an option.

There is actually shift-click based workaround, which would be to cut one of the two roads at either side of the junction, delete and redraw a short way using shift click to make the desired connection, and then re-merge the ways afterwards. But that's pants

(13 Mar '11, 15:55) Harry Wood

Harry - really not sure why none of the above answers work for you. Are you reading them right?

Option 1 (as explained by Ponzu). Select a way. Hold down Shift and click the point where the ways cross. The same new node will be inserted into both ways. You'll be able to tell because of the [_] outline.

Option 2 (as explained by me). Move an existing node on one way so that it's over where the other way goes underneath. Press J for join.

No need to split or redraw any ways at all.

(13 Mar '11, 19:00) Richard ♦

Well I accepted your answer Richard. Pressing J works great (Option 2)'s also the exact solution I was looking for (thinking in terms of 'merging nodes')

But I've just understood what Ponzu meant about shift clicking, maybe because of your alternative description here. With both ways already in place, you can shift click to add a new node into them both at the same time. So sorry yes that also works great (Option 1) ...although in this case would leave me with more nodes than I needed

(14 Mar '11, 15:08) Harry Wood

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