We generated OSM with customize markers (Please see below link). Markers on map can be more than 1000. User can zoom in/out or scroll the Map. we want to convert map with all markers into an image. Plz suggest.


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You question is hard to understand – Could you please more words to describe what you want to do? Could you post a link/URL? What is "our map"? What is "1000 latitude and longitude"? Please just use the "edit" link (be logged-in) below your question to add info.

(01 Aug '14, 14:12) aseerel4c26 ♦

I am still not sure what your problem is. Maybe you want to dynamically produces images? Server-side? That is not really a OSM-related question but maybe about the used toolkits or webdevelopment in general.

Simple answer to your question (in its current state): make a screenshot (as you already did - see your link).

(04 Aug '14, 13:23) aseerel4c26 ♦

I got a reference of below link which helps to export map to an image, but it has some limitation. With this service we can add only 10 markers in map & get into an image. but as I said in our map there are more than 1000 markers. looking forward for any service which will fullfilled our requirement.


(04 Aug '14, 14:20) OpenStreetHelp

Thenn tell us: Do you need a bitmap file with OSM background and your numerous markers to display online on a web page, or do you need a high quality output to print on paper or similar?

(05 Aug '14, 17:01) stephan75

I want bitmap/JPEG file with OSM background and numerous markers. I'll use that image file to display in PDF.

(07 Aug '14, 11:09) OpenStreetHelp

So when you need a visualisation for many markers on a map in a PDF file, have a look at

OSM wiki about OSM-on-paper and SVG (but maybe there is no solutiuon to include many markers out-of-the-box

cartoDB or MapBox Studio (formerly known as TileMill) (but I don't know about their Bitmap/PDF export features)

But tell us whether any solution comes near your aim! Then we can try to investigate further.

EDIT: or try Geojson.io or sharemap or uMap

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answered 08 Aug '14, 13:20

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