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I've created my own OSM server, using the great instructions I found here: here. I have a few issues, among them that many place names show as boxes instead of Arabic or Chinese. This seems to be the case only for some non-ascii names. In this image you can see that Algeria is fine but Eritea and Ethiopia are not.

this image

I imported the planet database and am using renderd/mapnik.

Thanks, Harold Ship

asked 30 Jul '14, 17:12

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I cannot give you a concrete hint to solve your problem, butt maybe see the OSM wiki about to see different possibilities.

(30 Jul '14, 20:34) stephan75

This is a font issue. Check your Mapnik style file and make sure it mentions the "Unifont" font in addition to DejaVu Sans, and make sure that the ttf-unifont package is installed. (Newer versions of the style might reference a larger number of fonts for an even better result than just Unifont but Unifont already goes a long way to get rid of these boxes.)

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answered 30 Jul '14, 21:00

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Thank you Frederik!

You are right. I did the following and the problem has disappeared:

apt-get install ttf-unifont
edit /etc/mapnik-osm-data/inc/
restart renderd
render_list ...

This solves the problem with the square characters!

Now, is there a known list of good fonts? Unifont works but is not pretty...

(31 Jul '14, 07:41) haroldship

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