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I'm mapping in Alaska and have some questions about the proper tagging of POIs for air taxis and adventure tour guide services. There are many of these small businesses scattered around Alaska primarily catering to the tourist industry. Also, because many places in Alaska cannot be reached by road those places receive supplies and passengers by air so it could be very useful to tag the air taxi businesses appropriately.

I found nothing at all about air taxis or float plane services in the Wiki or in Taginfo. And nothing about guided tour operators. Usually I would be tagging the building that contains the office for these businesses but shop=* doesn't seem right for this sort of operation.

Any suggestions?

asked 28 Jul '14, 20:26

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Hi Dave consider these remarks ; Leisure=sport Sport=guided_tour / hike, cano, horse_back Sport=fishing Sport=hunting Amenity=taxi Taxi=airplane or airplane=yes float_plane=yes Motorcar=no Be creative and use excisting tags.

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answered 28 Jul '14, 21:54

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Please remember that tags are case-sensitive...

(29 Jul '14, 07:21) scai ♦

Thanks for the suggestions Hendrik. I was trying to avoid "being creative" because OSM is cluttered with so many user defined tags already. Members of the Tagging list debate new tags and tagging schemes endlessly so I hesitate to create still more.

Then again, maybe these businesses, so common in Alaska, are not that common elsewhere and the custom tags would be well justified.

(29 Jul '14, 15:29) AlaskaDave

And use the right tags... leisure=sport? What is that? Not documented at all. guided_tour? Not a sport. horse_back=>equestrian

(29 Jul '14, 15:30) AndiG88

Thamks scai and AndiG, I copied and pasted them without looking and yes Im one of those creative minds. If it isnt there make it, but the basements of OSM are deeper than I expected and filled with pretty old tags.

(29 Jul '14, 16:35) Hendrikklaas

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