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How do I tag a waste disposal facility issueing plastic bags and a bin for the dog waste?

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asked 27 Jul '14, 11:44

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closed 27 Jul '14, 18:48

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I don't agree with the dog=yes, that would mean that you can put the dog into the waste basket. :-) BTW, for the plastic bags issuing, it would be better to tag it as amenity=vending_machine, vending=excrement_bags, fee=no, see e.g. "Hundekot-Tüten-Spender" on the german page

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answered 27 Jul '14, 21:17

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edited 28 Jul '14, 13:14

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SomeoneElse ♦

The clear consensus is as SomeoneElse describes above, I actually have an smaple map running (just for Switzerland):

(29 Jul '14, 09:59) SimonPoole ♦

Hi dcp, since those elements are placed in the open, consider amenity=waste_basket, dog=yes using a combination of existing tags. Both elements are almost everywhere together to prevent soiling our living spaces, from Switserland to Belgium.

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answered 27 Jul '14, 12:57

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Thank you: Wouldn't it be a good idea to add this tag combination to the amenity=waste_basket description

(27 Jul '14, 18:47) dcp

Sorry DCP but Escada found the right in German and excisting tag for these kind of waste disposals, follow his link. The DE community is making a lot of tags and combinations :)!

(27 Jul '14, 21:49) Hendrikklaas

Well we got there at last. Thank you escade.

(28 Jul '14, 12:05) dcp

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