I'm just discovering this world of OSM. Here's my ultimate goal. To create a small website for a small group of craft beers fans to use. I want to create an interact map of the US with lots of little points of interest everywhere. For example I want to list all the US breweries & bottle shops & beer traders I can. All diff color flags. So you click on one & up pops the store, brewery, etc & you get more detailed info. I know OSM is for the map portion. What works with that side for the interactive elements & screen pop up info? Please explain the diff in Javascript API vs ARCgis? Once I understand what all I need I'd like to get a book on Amazon but I'm not sure which one I need yet. I'm not a JAVA programmer although I do understand HTML & can do light program script work if necc. Please point me in the right direction & let me know what terminology I need to be researching further. I'm a quick learner (just started 2 days ago), but learn quickly. Thanks everyone!

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What I'd imagine that you'd want to do is to display some points of interest (breweries etc.) over the top of some existing map tiles.

Here's a site that's similar to what you're describing, but for the UK. It uses Leaflet as a Javascript library to display map tiles and the overlays on top of them. There are lots of leaflet examples here, and there are some worked examples at the switch2osm site that may be helpful.

What also might be helpful is a previous answer attempting to give a "soup to nuts" explanation of OpenStreetMap, and the Beginners' Guide in the OSM wiki.

I'd actually start with the "getting started with Leaflet" example at the switch2osm site, to just display a simple slippy map using existing tiles. Then try adding simple hardcoded overlay markers, then try getting those overlays from a server that are loaded based on map position, etc.

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Thank you very much for pointing me in the right direction! Much appreciated!

(26 Jul '14, 21:53) matrix64015

Hi please read this thoroughly and you ll find some answers, http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Using_OSM and http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Web_front_end and don’t ask multiple questions inside one question. These links carry a lot of other ones how to build and use a site with OSM material. Feel free to ask for specific answers after reading.

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