How do I tag a child day care center or an artist's studio?

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For the day care centre I'd use amenity=kindergarten as per this page The tag seems to cover all pre-school centres whether they give care alone or a combination of care and some education.

The artist's studio is more uncertain. Perhaps craft=artist or shop=art as per these pages although neither, to my mind, is an exact match.

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answered 24 Jul '14, 04:26

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The tagging of day care centers is currently discussed on the tagging mailing list: The consensus so far is amenity=childcare

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answered 24 Jul '14, 07:44

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Apparent consensus on a mailing list is not consensus of the mapping community. There are over 100,000 examples of the use amenity=kindergarten which far outweigh any use of childcare. It is possible to use amenity=kindergarten with kindergarten=day_nursery (the British English term which seems closest to child day care). When a tag is widely used there need to be compelling reasons as to why it should be replaced. For an in-depth discussion of tagging such places see my blog post: .

(24 Jul '14, 20:51) SK53 ♦

Please note that kindergarten is not necessarily the same as childcare. The discussion was about preschool, afterschool etc. E.g. In Belgium there are kleuterscholen (9am-4pm) for 3-5 year olds (I think). They are also typically part of a school that offer education for 6-12 year olds. Those are kindergarten for me. They are also other places ( creches) where they accept even younger babies and for extended hours. Those places is what I would tag as amenity=childcare (or whatever the tag is).

(24 Jul '14, 20:58) escada

There is no consensus currently

(25 Jul '14, 12:39) Pieren

@escada roughly the same is true in the UK, but long ago amenity=kindergarten was used for all types (nursery schools, roughly equivalent to kleuterscholen and now rare as standalone institutions; day nurseries which may take kids from 6 months to 5 years; creches, usually associated with a workplace and probably now rare). My local council has about 5-6 other childcare categories. On a w/w scale kindergarten is both used widely and with a broader sense: IMO it makes sense to subtag kindergarten to provide the extra information.

(25 Jul '14, 20:07) SK53 ♦
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