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Maps for Spain version 21/07/2014 and previous, unable to find city Alicante/Alacant I am using OSMand, and in the last two version of the maps for Spain I am unable to find the city of Alicante/Alacant.


Further information, I'm using Android version of Osmand to search, I downloaded the Spain Maps, this release (21/07/2014) and previous one, and when searching there is no Alacant/Alicante city, but if I search for ZIP code then I can find the nearby streets.

I allready post a question in OSMand forum (google groups) but it seems the problem is related to the OpenStreetMap, some node tag missing for Alicante?

Link to OSMand groups question: (!topic/osmand/DSpLrJI4Euk)

Thanks for your help!

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According to the Google Group, the place node in question seems to be this one.

Nominatim seems happy searching for Alicante - it finds this relation, with an admin_centre node. Regardless of whether that's "correct" or not, if Osmand can't find somewhere using that, I'd suggest that it's a bug in OsmAnd and should be fixed there.

That said, it may be worth contacting the mapper who removed the name from the former place node. There may have been a deliberate reason for the removal (which if so, you can pass on to the OsmAnd people) or it may have been an accident (in which case you or they can add it back).

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It looks like the changeset where tha name tag was removed from that node ist this:

It was made with "GoMap!" editor on iOS ... it seems to be a simple POI editor.

There is no reasobable reason why the name tag has been removed.

If there is no loud voice against, I will try to revert that changeset, ... I assume Odmand will then offer that town again in its offline search.

(25 Jul '14, 15:14) stephan75

so instead of reverting that changeset (failed in JOSM) I added the name tag and the place=city tag.

If there will come up some trouble about naming that city in general, you have to find a solution inside the spanish OSM community.

But please keep name tags of that place-node AND the boundary relation identical.

(25 Jul '14, 19:37) stephan75

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