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in Ireland there are many estates with dozens, sometimes hundreds,of identical houses.

Along a straight street, their Bing images on the screen are also identical.

In many estates the shape of those houses is quite complex, so drawing one correctly is actually interesting, but many? Not really - there it's rectangles, or sometimes L shapes / U shapes.

Is there a way to copy and paste such shapes, which would make such a task MUCH easier?

asked 23 Jul '14, 11:43

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Using Josm you can select multiple buildings, either by selecting a group individually or using the lasso tool to round 'em up, then select duplicate, and then move 'em on to where you need to paste the next lot. This is ok if they are all the same shape. There is also a BuildingsTools plugin for Josm for when 'drawing many rectangular buildings in JOSM is tedious'

The shortcut for rotate is... Ctrl-Shift-LeftMouse Holding the "Shift" and "Ctrl" key allows rotating selected objects. ..and the rest of the shortcuts

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answered 23 Jul '14, 12:49

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+1. With JOSM, you can easily copy objects but also rotate or resize them like a vector drawing program. Much easier than Potlatch or ID

(23 Jul '14, 12:54) Pieren

Thanks - so far I have always used Potlatch - I have heard/read JOSM mentioned very favourably; this seems to be a good point to change editors.

(23 Jul '14, 14:13) Marabu_Too

To each his own, I prefer the extrude tool (in core) to the buildingdtool plugin. Also useful are the terracer plugin, the ImproveWayAccuray tool, and the mirror and orthogonalize functions. Get to know each tool's keyboard modifiers (they're explained in the status bar) to gain more efficiency.

Lastly, I tend to draw all the geometries of a particular type (houses VS sheds for example) in one go and mass-tag them later, searching for "new type:way untagged" to select them.

(23 Jul '14, 14:49) Vincent de P... ♦

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