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Hello! Seeking your kind help for how to correctly open and install the UK/Ireland mapset. According to the Instructions on the website, I was expecting to download a .zip file but instead met BitTorrent. I'm now using uTorrent as a client and can download the OSM file to that but that's where it turns to tears.

Anything I do after that does not reveal a 'gmapsupp" file. I do get a bunch of individual files as .img but nothing close to the correct filename.

(My 32GB SD card is in the computer (with the "Garmin" file now made); once updated, the card will go into my Garmin 255W unit. I was following the Instructions page right up 'til it didn't work any more.)

Any help on what to do with the received Torrent file will be much appreciated.

Many thanks JT

asked 19 Jul '14, 20:19

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The main website doesn't have any torrent downloads nor does it provide Garmin files. So you have to tell us which instructions from which website you are following before we can try to find out what went wrong.

(19 Jul '14, 21:42) cartinus

Hi and thank you. I was on "", led there by Google. That is where I found the Instruction tab citing the .zip file. Using the address you provide, I get a zoomable world map. How to use it or where to go from there?



(19 Jul '14, 23:15) Blue Flag

I just downloaded the Australia and New Zealand map from via uTorrent and all worked as expected, receiving a zip file with the .img file inside. It is up to date and works fine on my gps and I have had no trouble with this site in the past.

permanent link

answered 20 Jul '14, 05:11

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Could you provide the steps by which you made uTorrent work? I was able to download the file, but when unzipped/unpacked it didn't contain the gmapsupp.img file. Many thanks. JT

(20 Jul '14, 18:46) Blue Flag

@BlueFlag regarding steps by which I made uTorrent work...

I went to , selected the United Kingdom and Ireland link,
'Download Map with BitTorrent', open with uTorrent (default) ok (because I have uTorrent installed - you may use another),
then uTorrent opens up and asks where I want to save the zip file and I accept the downloads folder,
then uTorrent starts downloading the United Kingdom and Ireland Garmin Map

It downloads at between 250 and 400 kB/s which is fairly fast from my experience of torrent downloads.
When it's finished downloading the 389.6Mb file (it shows as a 408.5Mb zip file in the iMac Finder?), I create a new folder and drop the zip file in it before opening so I don't lose track of what's inside.
On unzipping, there is a 535.8Mb gmapsupp.img file for me to put directly into Garmin subdirectory of the micro sd card that is in my eTrex 30.
I rename the .img file to gmapsupp_UK.img first so that it does not overwrite other map files, then copied to eTrex.
I opened Basecamp and with the eTrex connected in mass storage mode was able to see that the map appeared to be displaying in plenty of detail.

I put the zip file here on Google Drive for you to download if you still have problems and still want it and will delete in a week or so. uk zip file

(21 Jul '14, 10:13) nevw

Holy cats!-- that's a great explanation and thank you very much. I think I see where I went wrong.

Also thanks for the file; I'll attempt to grab it shortly. Peace JT

Edited to add: it works perfectly, including routing (which the other one didn't), landmarks etc. Ten thousand thanks and blessings on your house.

(21 Jul '14, 22:11) Blue Flag

Whatever "" is (never heard this). Please see our wiki about downloading Garmin-compatible maps or the many other previous questions by clicking on the tags below your question. For example choose Lambertus' popular Garmin maps (based on OSM's raw data).

permanent link

answered 20 Jul '14, 01:25

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Whatever "" is (never heard this)...<< It's what shows up on a Garmin Update search...go look. Site looks legit and leads, in a round-about way, to other OSM sites, fora, etc.

I will pursue the Wiki instructions and report back on success. But either way, thanks for your help. It is much appreciated.


(20 Jul '14, 01:49) Blue Flag

Well, that's finally sorted. With the assistance of those above, I stumbled around the wiki 'til I found my UK maps on "" -- thanks to them for making it straightforward. The file downloaded and unzipped; once transferred to the SD card (with a slight filename change)and installed in the Garmin, it worked. Again, many many thanks to all of you. I've learned a lot here is a very short period.

Note: that "" address is on the wiki list as a source for a variety of maps. Click on his link to see the BitTorrent for downloads.

Thanks again.

Peace JT

(20 Jul '14, 03:39) Blue Flag

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