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I just started using OSM for my road bike tours and realized, that there are multiple "routes" for the same track. Both in the OSM maps as well as in the OSM wiki ( ).

The official name is "EuroVelo15" "Rhine Cycle Route" "Rheinradweg" or "Véloroute Rhin". Partially, it is similar to the German D8 route.

How could this issue be solved to combine the various entries? How did you handled these kind of issues? (Also, there are several stages with alternative routes.) Is there an "official list" of cycling routes? This would help me to add single waypoints to an existing route.

I am motivated to start contributing to OSM, especially with cycling routes. It would be great if you could provide me some information.

Thank you!

asked 18 Jul '14, 09:30

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A single track can be in multiple different routes, which is why relations are used to define each separate route. Relations take a bit of getting used to when you are new at contributing, and support for them varies with each different editor.

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answered 18 Jul '14, 16:41

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As Ed has pointed out, a single road/track/whatever segment can be part of multiple different routes. along the Rhine it is particularly complicated see for a random example.

Suggested reading;

Note: most routes in Europe, with the exception of the Netherlands are based on way segements.

(18 Jul '14, 16:54) SimonPoole ♦

I would suggest contacting some of the users who edit these routes, because they are more likely to know the details. If you click on one of the routes linked from the wiki page, it will show you last edit performed on that route, including who was the editor. Then you can send a message to them through your OSM user account.

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answered 18 Jul '14, 15:41

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If you send a message to the last editor of a route, there is a fairly big chance he doesn't know what you are talking about. Lots of edits to routes are done "automagically" when someone splits or merges a way for reasons that have nothing to do with the route itself.

If you send a message to the first editor of a route or someone who has done a lot of edits on the same route, you'll have more chance of success.

(19 Jul '14, 06:19) cartinus

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