I am working on an application in android where I have to identify the streets where a parking slot is empty. So how can I highlight a street on OSM as the user taps on it? Thanks for your help

asked 18 Jul '14, 07:54

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Your question is too vague and is only about a user interface development. What you can ask on this help site is how a "street" is modelized in OSM : it's one or more ways (aka polylines) carying a tag "highway=*" and possibly a name and/or ref tag. It's not necessarily geometrically continuous (one way attached to the next one) when it's interrupted by roundabouts which may have their own name and/or ref. The "highway" value may also change within the same street.

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answered 18 Jul '14, 10:28

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actually I am absolutely new in OSM. I want to know is it possible to get the coordinates of a street as user taps on it in OSM?

(18 Jul '14, 13:09) shehzy

OpenStreetMap is essentially just lots and lots of data (see a previous answer to a different question here). It's entirely up to you how what technologies you use to represent that data and to allow the user to interact with it.

Without knowing how you're doing that (Displaying information over pre-rendered tiles? Displaying vectors?) or even what technology you're using for Android development (Android Java? Xamarin? Cordova?) it's possible to do little more than point you at the Android category in the wiki and at previous "what is OSM" answers.

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answered 18 Jul '14, 10:46

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