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I'm looking for a simple but detailed shapefile containing as many US roads as possible, ideally with some attribute to differentiate interstates, state highways, major roads, etc. I was wondering if OSM had a shapefile like this available for download anywhere.

asked 14 Jul '14, 19:32

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You might want to try the shapefiles of But keep in mind that usually you loose tagging details and maybe some object classes due to the limitation of shapefile processing.

If you want to control it yourself, you need to can use OSM planet extracts, filter with osmosis and convert the remaining road geometries to shapefiles.

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answered 14 Jul '14, 21:01

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Thanks for that link. It looks like it's just what I asked for. Unfortunately, my boss now wants a more detailed and fancy layer, specifically one that would look like if you just "peeled the road layer" off OpenStreetMap or ArcGIS Online. It sounds like using the OSM extracts method you mentioned would give something more like this new request, but I'm going to need a bit more help understanding exactly what you mean. I'm not clear on the OSM planet or filtering with osmosis...

(15 Jul '14, 20:49) ENPLAN

Sure, ok OSM has data dumps called Planet extracts that can be filtered e.g. with Osmosis. Last but not least we have various solutions to convert the geometries and metadata shapefile.

If you just want a road layer , you should check ITO maps before and think about if a OSM renderer as maperitive might do the job (will save you converting etc.).

(15 Jul '14, 21:29) iii

Also have a look in the OSM wiki about , and for filtering I really recommend

Do a search here for osmfilter or "extract data" to get more hints.

(17 Jul '14, 19:59) stephan75

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