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I'm trying to find a car path that passes via another point. I use YOUR API to find the car path but I don't know how specify that this path must passed in another point.

Anyone can help me?

asked 14 Jul '14, 11:59

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It doesn't seem as if YOURS supports via points, OSRM does

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answered 14 Jul '14, 13:15

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SimonPoole ♦
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Simon I need a web service to put a request and for my application I need a web service that I can ask frequently. Can you suggest me any advice?

(14 Jul '14, 15:00) scupetta18

Well that problem is independent of which software stack you want to use. In general all of the "free" services have usage limits, for obvious reasons. In general you can:

  • roll your own, which tends to be easy if the area you are interested in is not too large
  • subscribe to a service run by a commercial provider (see for example for a list)
(14 Jul '14, 16:24) SimonPoole ♦

According to the router comparison matrix YOURS supports via-points. It is also possible to specify them via the webinterface (which has horrible bugs). But instead of a single API call for all points the webinterface will run a call for each lat-lon pair instead and then appends them to a single route.

Interestingly when trying to open the permalink on the Info tab it will show a single URL where each via-point is specified with wlat and wlon parameters. But this URL won't work and the route will just use the start and end points, ignoring all via points.

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answered 14 Jul '14, 16:19

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scai ♦
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Scai I clik on the permalink and I see wlat and wlon and I need to work but how you said it desn't work. How do I resolve my problem if it doesn't work? So I must call the path between first point and third point and third point end point? is it only solution?

(14 Jul '14, 16:29) scupetta18

Either like the webinterface does it by running multiple calls and appending them to each other. Or by using one of the many other OSM-based online routers.

(14 Jul '14, 16:38) scai ♦

But I read in wikipedia documentation that I haven't do a lot of request on the server to avoid to crash it but I can do all request that I want. The other OSM have the same limits?

(14 Jul '14, 16:50) scupetta18

Each service has a different limit but neither of them can be used unlimited because that would be really expensive for the service operator. If you need to run lots of queries better choose one of these routers and install it locally on one of your own servers.

(14 Jul '14, 17:59) scai ♦

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