Hi, I mappeed this area: https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/292699788 But I can't make it visible. What am I doing wrong?


Cheers, MarcoA

asked 14 Jul '14, 11:58

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Your italian area is a closed way tagged with "area=yes" + "name=castello" which means "castle" in English. Based on Bing aerial imagery, your polygon seems to be the outer line of an historic castle. It this is the case, you just have to tag it with "building=yes" (or building=castle) + "historic=castle" + "name=Castello".
But if you do this, you will see a huge single block where in reality, there is a courtyard inside. To fix this, you will have to create a multipolygon relation with your "area" as outer ring and a new closed way representing the courtyard added in the relation with an "inner" role. Then, if you wish, you can move all tags from the outer ring (your current "area") to the multipolygon relation ("building" + "historic" + "name").

And with these tags, you don't need an "area=yes" tag because it is always the case for buildings. Basically, the tag "area=yes" is mainly used for "highway's" on closed ways only to determine if it's representing a loop (like a race track) or an uniform surface/area (area=yes).

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answered 14 Jul '14, 13:14

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(in case it wasn't obvious) I'm guessing that the "area=yes" tag was added by the iD editor and not chosen by the mapper here.

But yes; as Pieren says you need to map things as something; just giving an unidentified feature a name doesn't work. Unfortunately this is something that the iD editor UI doesn't really make clear.

(14 Jul '14, 13:19) SomeoneElse ♦

The use of the area needs to be designated, you've just defined an area without defining it's purpose. Could it be landuse=residential? The area tag would then be redundant and should be removed. I think the name of the area ought to be capitalised as well. Regards

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answered 14 Jul '14, 13:03

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landuse=residential worked! Thank you!

(14 Jul '14, 14:31) marcoalici

Be careful : replacing "area=yes" by "landuse=residential" will fix your rendering issue. But is it semantically correct ? Is "Castello" the name of a residential area or the name of a building block being an historic castle ?

(14 Jul '14, 15:35) Pieren
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