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I'm currently editing OSM in an area in Greece where I recently spent my vacation. One recurring feature of the area are small open huts close to hiking paths or small roads, apparently there to provide shelter from rain. They look exactly like in the photo for "Tag:amenity=shelter". Now, some of these are already in the map, but tagged as "viewpoints" – which is not wrong, since they tend to be in places with a nice view. However, I feel that it would be more useful for users of OSM to know that there is a shelter at that point, since nice views abound around there anyway.

Is it ok if I change the tag for places where I know there's a hut to "shelter"? Or should I just add those not yet in the map, and tag only those as shelters? Or is there a way to express that a point is both a shelter and a viewpoint?

asked 13 Jul '14, 15:18

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I would use all tags that will/do accurately describe the feature. Possibly amenity=shelter, shelter_type=?? tourism=viewpoint.

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answered 13 Jul '14, 15:28

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Thanks! Newbie follow-up question: How do I do that in the iD editor?

(13 Jul '14, 15:31) locc

@locc Select node/area/line. In the left menu scroll down to "All tags" section and uncollapse it by clicking on triangle. Than it is possible to directly edit tags, typically hidden by iD. To add new ones (like in this case) use "+" button and fill tag value pairs. It is also possible to delete and modify existing ones. Maybe there is a more iDish way of doing this (I use JOSM in typical mapping).

(13 Jul '14, 19:53) Mateusz Koni...

In the iD editor draw your building or position your node as the case may be. You can add custom tags by clicking the "All Tags" button and type in what key and value you wish. Click the + symbol which brings down a second row for Key/Value repeat a third time and on as necessary. Scroll down on this page :- http://learnosm.org/en/editing/id-editor/ to "All Tags"

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answered 13 Jul '14, 17:59

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