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Hi all,

I 've started to map some missing bicycle parkings in my district.

However, I can't find any bicycles parkings on OSM standard map (from mine or not)howver many have been mapped by other users. Same for opencylemap.

Is there any option or layer to use to get the bicycles parkings displayed on a map?

thank you for your help

asked 12 Jul '14, 10:39

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Hello all, some feedback just to tell you that thanks to your support, advices and patience! I ve been able to draw this bicycle parking map ! I added some info in the standard layout. thank you all ;)

(13 Jul '14, 19:07) velocolomiers31

This feature is now shown on default map layer - this is the actual pull request, which was probably introduced on the main site in May 2015:

permanent link

answered 05 Aug '15, 18:00

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ok, good news. Another step toward perfection for urban bicyling community ;) Is there also something scheduled for opencyclemap?

(11 Aug '15, 12:31) velocolomiers31

OpenCycleMap is not provided by OSM directly. You have to ask Andy Allan from Thunderforest instead.

(11 Aug '15, 15:05) scai ♦

opencyclemap does render bicycle parking, it may simply take longer for new data to be displayed (see all the answers here on the subject of how long it takes for something to appear on the map).

If you can provide a link to one of the objects you added we can check if everything is OK with the tagging.

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answered 12 Jul '14, 11:13

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SimonPoole ♦
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yes for instance just on the left side of the building "gare de Colomiers" , 2 bicycle parkings were added in the past by a friend of mine but nothing is displayed :

Same for "cimetiere paysage du bassac", 2 bicycle parkings have been added by myself but nothing appears today.

Do you see something?

thank you for your kind help

(12 Jul '14, 12:41) velocolomiers31

I can see two bicycle parkings at each location. Did you clear your browser cache?

(12 Jul '14, 13:30) scai ♦

I see them on this version of the osm though the capacity does not get rendered on this version.
"gare de Colomiers"
"cimetiere paysage du bassac"

Looks ok on the Openstreetmap cycle layer too where the 22 capacity bike parking render is complete but the other 2 small blue squares denoting the bike parking must be crowded out by other rendering.

Looks fine in Josm with the Potlatch 2 Map Paint Style too

josm view

I can only see one rack near the cemetery though

alt text

I think it has been done correctly.

(12 Jul '14, 13:59) nevw

There are three bicycle parkings visible in the link you provided, but only in the cycle layer : and not in other layers.

Seems a small facility because each is only 1 node. It's possible to tag an area or a building for larger facilities :


(12 Jul '14, 14:39) Gys de Jongh

yes I cleared the IE cache and same result

(12 Jul '14, 14:55) velocolomiers31

ok thank you. So I confirm on this version i don't get any bicycle parking:

whereas on this one I have the bicycle parkings:

I there something I didn't get with OSM?

May I use the second one to share the bicycle parkings with my community?

(12 Jul '14, 15:01) velocolomiers31

@velocolomiers31 as already has been pointed out: the "standard" map does not show bicycle parkings, opencyclemap does. THere is far (really far) more data in the OSM Geodatabase that can be displayed on any one map, so every map style designer has to decide what he wants to fisplay when. It is in fact one of the most important properties that you can take OSM data and produce a map that fits your personal needs.

If you really want to display a special feature with high priority you are probably pest of using or something similar.

(12 Jul '14, 15:24) SimonPoole ♦

Yes I agree with you but it would be an asset to add bike parks to the opencyclemap as it's used by many "travellers" as an entry point in unknown areas.

(12 Jul '14, 15:42) velocolomiers31

As has been pointed out multiple times opencyclemap DOES show bicycle parkings, if it doesn't have significant cpacity it simply isn't very prominent (see )

(12 Jul '14, 15:47) SimonPoole ♦

yes you're right, thanks.

(12 Jul '14, 15:51) velocolomiers31

You are free to share the links with your community. Look for a 'share' button or a permalink or use the url if it has the lat lon info. Do have a look at as Simon suggested.

(12 Jul '14, 16:27) nevw
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The basic OSM website can display cycle parking, if you ask it to. Go to, and select the Layers icon on the right of the screen (it looks like three sheets of paper in a stack). From that list, select Cycle Map. The rendered map no longer shows bus stops, but bicycle parking places are shown as little blue squares. Go to for an example of a place with a reasonable cycle parking provision (one of them appears to be in the middle of the road, which I will try to correct).

permanent link

answered 12 Jul '14, 19:33

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