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Carmen does geocoding and is known to handle OSM data (and TIGER). If I want to geocode addresses in Germany, what are the steps?

I've found so far:

But I'll only do geocoding, and do not need GB of PNG images.

Maybe the easiest way is still to spend XX hours of fat server power to generate the images and then just delete the images-table from the MBTiles file (since it's sqlite-based)?

But there ought to be a better way. And, if allowed, I'd be happy to reward a less than XX hours solution :-)

asked 10 Jul '14, 08:09

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Would it be possible to explain the reason why you're looking at the mbtiles approach when you're interested in geocoding? Apologies if I'm completely missing the point here...

(10 Jul '14, 11:25) SomeoneElse ♦

Yes. I need to geocode massive amounts of addresses, as well as support users doing searches. Can't pay several thousand dollars, not even hundreds of dollars per month. So no services/API:s are fast/cheap enough. Carmen is fast like Google and open source, so I'm trying to get data to use with Carmen.

(10 Jul '14, 11:29) sesam

Well as I understand it (purely from reading the github readme!), Carmen depends on vector tiles, so mbtiles based on image tiles won't be useful. I'd start by going through the various vector tile presentations at SOTM-EU, but be aware it's not exactly a "mature technology" yet. See the links from here too.

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answered 10 Jul '14, 11:36

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Thanks! I have trouble digging up anything on; tried search and quick-reading the summaries at so now looking through the mapnik-vector-tile repo. In the carmen repo, "openstreetmap" is mentioned once (a config of which features to import) and that might also be a place to look. Digging further...

(10 Jul '14, 12:46) sesam

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