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I am the co-owner of a graphic design firm, but there's no feature type that works for it. Can we add a feature type for it? Ever a "professional services" type would work.

asked 08 Jul '14, 20:44

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One of the big advantages of OSM is its essentially free form tagging.

If nothing fits, please create an appropriate tagging. Naturally it would be nice, but not mandatory to go through the proposal process and if it is only so that what you are using is documented.


Please note that we in general, with a handful of exceptions, only add objects/facts that can be physically observed and actually have a location. And further none of the above guarantees that a feature will be rendered on any specific map.

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answered 08 Jul '14, 22:44

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At this moment there are already 28 office=graphic_design according to taginfo ( + search for graphic)

In iD you can use the "all tags" section to type in "office" as key and "graphic_design" as value.

I see no need to go through the formal proposal process, but documenting it on the wiki in the page would be nice though.

Note there is a "user defined" value anyway.

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answered 09 Jul '14, 07:04

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