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man_made=embankment is meant for a + structure or layer of ground. Which tag should I use for an - embankment, man_made=pit? And no its not a lake yet. It will be a sub river stream someday.

asked 06 Jul '14, 23:55

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I'm not sure what a "sub river stream" is, but I'd have thought that the opposite of an embankment (in the railway sense) would be a cutting; so perhaps "man_made=cutting"?

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answered 07 Jul '14, 00:20

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You can also micro-map each side of the embankment/cutting (left of the OSM way is higher ground, like for cliffs). You can represent any configuration this way.

At this stage, the difference between an embankment and a cutting is pretty slim. Maybe it should depend on the engineering process (adding vs removing material), but I'm not sure.

(07 Jul '14, 10:27) Vincent de P... ♦

Cutting=yes seems to be in much wider use than man_made=cutting--would this work for your needs?

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answered 07 Jul '14, 14:50

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Just wait a few months and then tag it as natural=water.

"sub river stream" is most likely an attempt to say: "secondary river channel that does not always have flow (but always has water) because there is a threshold at the upstream end". This is a common construction in "new nature" development.

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answered 07 Jul '14, 17:16

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Since this thread came up on top of my search I want to leave a pointer to a (abandoned) proposal that I think is relevant - at least for linear features not so much roundish-ones (think about razed railways):

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answered 31 Dec '20, 18:15

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