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I've got a local installation of the osm3s running and it works fine with data from openstreetmap.

I would like to use my own custom 3D data. I've got an entire 3D model of a city in Microstation. It's in wireframes. I can set the projection to WGS84 and export it to KML and then convert it with ogr2osm. But when I try to populate the database for osm3s it return with "no elements found".

Looking at the .osm-file does show a lot of nodes etc.

What to do?

asked 04 Jul '14, 14:51

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Does your generated OSM file contain negative id values (which is the default for ogr2osm)? This will most likely cause some undesired side effects when loading using update_database for Overpass API, such as strange node ids (e.g. "18446744073707268155").

Apart from that I can't really reproduce your issue. I converted some polygons from a PostGIS db to a shape file and then converted this via ogr2osm to an OSM file and loaded the file into Overpass API (latest github version) via update_database. I could query some of the nodes, although their id was completely screwed. This needs to be adjusted in the ogr2osm script.

I believe you need to provide much more details like version of the programs involved, sample OSM snippets, log files etc.

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answered 04 Jul '14, 21:14

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This is the top from the generated XML/OSM file:

(08 Jul '14, 08:30) haasor

Programs involved are Microstation V8i, export to DXF, converted into osm via ogr2osm and loading into overpass-api/osm3s.

(08 Jul '14, 08:35) haasor

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