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I've got my local osm3s serving OSM-maps.

I would like to use a custom map, original from AutoCAD files (DGN).

However, after some days of Googling etc. I cannot find any way to convert DGN to OSM. I've tried to export DGN to SVG for use with JOSM, but JOSM does not seem to be able to handle such big files.

Any experience with such conversation or ideas?

asked 02 Jul '14, 09:38

haasor's gravatar image

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Although it seems to be possible to exchange between them, strictly speaking DGN isn't an AutoCAD format, DWG is.

(03 Jul '14, 09:13) SomeoneElse ♦

Maybe you can find some hints in the OSM wiki about Converting map data between formats.

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answered 02 Jul '14, 16:59

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I've tried to look at that page, however, without any luck for DNG conversion.

(03 Jul '14, 07:47) haasor

but you can try DXF ... or not?

Tell us what exactly prevents you from using DXF format.

(03 Jul '14, 17:19) stephan75

I've tried DXF and it does seem to be converted correctly, but trying to import/populate the database for osm3s results in "no elements found".

I've created a separately question for this: https://help.openstreetmap.org/questions/34640/osm3s-populating-database-results-in-no-element-found

(04 Jul '14, 14:54) haasor
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