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yesterday ( Using ID - In Browser editor) I made speed limit changes and made several corrections to road layouts. Today using the same browser I can only change the start and end locations of a road, ie I cant make changes to the intermediate nodes, in fact, I cant even see them. everything I did last night has been updated so no problem but today I can't edit intermediate nodes or see the menu that usually pops up any ideas ?

asked 01 Jul '14, 07:57

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james H
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aseerel4c26 ♦


a link to area may help...use the share button on the right side of the osm site.

(01 Jul '14, 08:22) nevw


I've now made the relevant corrections using potlatch but there is some javascript missing or not working that was working last night. the grey menu that allows you to split lines etc does not show at all.

(01 Jul '14, 08:31) james H

Your problem sounds similar to the question in-id-i-cant-select-a-way-by-clicking-on-it-in-chrome-only which appeared few days ago.

(01 Jul '14, 12:38) aseerel4c26 ♦

Ok: Solved in the short term by switching to firefox browser, but chrome worked multiple times last night and on previous dates without issue. The dark grey semi circular menu that shows when clicking on a line did not show which is why I could not alter/add/delete intermediate nodes.

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answered 01 Jul '14, 08:45

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james H
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seems ok here on firefox, safari and chrome.

(01 Jul '14, 08:54) nevw

hmmm, odd, what ever it is it's obviously just at my end. will reinstall chrome and see what happens

(01 Jul '14, 08:59) james H

Rather try out a new user profile in Chrome (removes any possibly conflicting addons).

(01 Jul '14, 12:37) aseerel4c26 ♦

See also this answer just posted by @wncoutdoors

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answered 02 Jul '14, 04:35

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