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I found a situation with parallel paths (where it isn't in reality) so I cut one of the tracks and connected the ends to the other path. So far so good. But the path I cut is part of a long hiking trail so now there is a hole in the hiking path relation.

So I want to add the missing piece to the hiking track relation. How do I do this?


Edit: The grey dots on the road between the connections got there after I tried to create a short path marked as Path (Linje) using the same nodes as the road. I don't know if that was a good way of doing it.

asked 29 Jun '14, 16:20

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Patrik Nilsson
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You need to add the missing section of the hiking trail back as a relation member.

  • No need to draw another path, just put the existing one in.
  • If the osm way is longer than the trail section, split the osm way (by clicking on a node and selecting the scisors).
  • To add the way to the relation, select the way and click on the '+' at the very bottom of the left panel, and choose the hiking relation.
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answered 30 Jun '14, 09:56

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Thanks for the answer! Is it always ok/good practice to make cuts in existing paths were needed?

(08 Jul '14, 10:00) Patrik Nilsson

By definition, if a cut is needed (because the attributes change, a route relation connects there, etc), you have to do the cut.

Otherwise, it's better not to cut (or even to join) the ways, unless the way is very big (the threshold varies and is very subjective, but often around 1000 nodes or 50km).

(08 Jul '14, 11:44) Vincent de P... ♦

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