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So far I could not find how mappers are supposed to map a plaza or square.
highway=pedestrian with area=yes and name=* doesn't help since there are a lot of squares where highway=pedestrian either doesn't match or wouldn't cover the complete area of the place.

Example: Around this crossroad there should be a place with name=Roßplatz.

Contents to find in the OSM wiki regarding this issue are not satisfying.

asked 28 Jun '14, 19:15

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Usually I would recommend that kind of tagging, so why you say it's insufficent?

(28 Jun '14, 20:38) iii

What kind of tagging? The one I linked to the OSM wiki or highway=pedestrian? If the latter: have you had a look at my example?
There is no highway=pedestrian at all.

(28 Jun '14, 20:55) malenki

This looks to be and old topic, but I actually want to ask the same question. There are many examples of plazas/squares that are not pedestrian areas. Sometimes I have found the combination highway=residential, area=yes, which sounds way more appropriate to me, and is also correctly rendered in the OSM standard layer, but it does not look to be documented anywhere. Occasionally I have also employed the combination amenity=parking, highway=pedestrian, area=yes for open spaces that are both social aggregation points and car parks, but it sounds rather nonsense to me.

(26 Nov '14, 10:51) Decan

Answer to msyelf: I will use amenity=plaza. At the moment taginfo mentions it 80 times.
(The IMHO more ambiguous-sounding amenity=square is used 30 times so far )

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answered 11 Apr '15, 14:43

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edited 11 Apr '15, 14:47

Hi Malenki, is this usable ? , a pedestrian zone, area or multipolygoon, with ways on both sides.

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answered 28 Jun '14, 22:48

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Nowadays a place=square tag is documented on the wiki so I guess we can use that long-needed tag.

(01 Aug '16, 13:59) thbz

@tbhz, I think you should make an answer out of that; It's the best answer in here.

(05 Aug '16, 09:04) joost schouppe

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