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I can't find the manual for how to READ the Open Street Map (e.g. symbols and controls). All of the tutorials, wiki entries, etc. are mysterious to me because I can't find a single Table of Contents anywhere, and all of the articles I find, e.g. for Beginners, are about gathering data and contributing.

Please point me to the right resources to learn how to read (not just contribute to) Open Street Map.



asked 24 Jun '14, 18:49

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Jim-Bob Harris
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aseerel4c26 ♦

Do you mean a map key that explains what a certain colour means on the map, or do you mean an user guide that says "if you want to zoom in, click on the + button"?

(24 Jun '14, 19:12) Frederik Ramm ♦

@Frederik Ramm, Thanks for trying to clarify the question and I presume offering to follow up. I think this thread now has enough info that I don't plan to dig into it any more, and I hope you agree.

(25 Jun '14, 15:20) Jim-Bob Harris

The only information available is under the "i" aka "Map Key" on the right side. This question has been asked in the past, without real answer

permanent link

answered 24 Jun '14, 20:36

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Thanks, escada.

Sorry I had not explored all of those buttons on the right. I agree the i is useful.

I still say a simple one-page "User Guide" for OSM reading-only is called for, but I really can't complain, as it is excellent, especially for the price! :D

I would mark your answer "accepted" and mark my question "answered" but I see no way to do either.


(25 Jun '14, 12:35) Jim-Bob Harris

@Jim-Bob Harris: We also have the Browsing wiki page which is some kind of "user guide" for "OSM-reading".

(25 Jun '14, 14:08) aseerel4c26 ♦


is just about exactly what I was looking for.

I still say something like that should be obviously linked from the OSM home page; there is all kinds of useful stuff mentioned on that Wiki page that would never be found by a normal user (that's what I say, anyway, but many who know me would argue that I can't tell what a "normal" user could do, because ... well, that's enough on that) because searching for obvious keywords like "Legend" or "Help" or "User Guide" doesn't find that Wiki page.

Thanks again, and I hope my report of my experience, and these comments, help guide further development.

Thanks again for a great service !



(25 Jun '14, 15:18) Jim-Bob Harris

Now you should be able to find "legend" in the wiki. :-)

(25 Jun '14, 16:01) aseerel4c26 ♦

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