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How exactly do new users go about adding data to OpenStreetMap?

asked 23 Jun '14, 16:53

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last year I found myself in the same situation. I asked this question that gave me some useful answers.

(24 Jun '14, 20:42) de vries

Here are two guides that I know of that explain this in some detail:

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answered 23 Jun '14, 17:43

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At the price of giving a slightly unpopular answer, the shortest version is likely


the intro for the iD editor (the default editor on

This is far from the whole story naturally. The two sources given in the first answer for example will explain more, but you should be aware that they tend to be mired in rather old tech (at least has historically not been geared towards an audience in developed countries). For example by far the easiiest way to collect data today is to use a mobile phone, in its simplest form simply by taking georeferenced photographs.

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answered 24 Jun '14, 08:01

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"welcome" seems to force me through login - is that deliberate?

(24 Jun '14, 09:19) SomeoneElse ♦

@SomeoneElse deliberate: I believe yes. However if that is a good thing is a different question.

(24 Jun '14, 11:17) SimonPoole ♦

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