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I have a elongated building. The name of the building does not appear until it is zoomed in. I believe the algorithm is to check if the bounding box of the building bigger than the font before the font is displayed. However, if the building is elongated, the text can be displayed correctly at lower zoom factor is it is slightly rotated or placed elsewhere. Anything could be done?

Sorry that I could not upload the image as my karma is low :)

You can see it in

Look for "Blk 56".

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I find it interesting that the Blk 56 label is at the lhs.
You could try using a different rendered version of the osm such as this french one
The MapQuest layers does a good job of the building # but other items are not rendered.

(21 Jun '14, 05:36) nevw

The rendering rules for the "standard" style are located here

The relevant rules for rendering names are in

As you can see, if you tagged the name with the "name" tag, when it gets rendered depends on the zoom level and the size of the polygon, not on orientation.

If you need to render the names earlier I would suggest using tilemill and creating a custom version of the style.

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It also depends on collisions with icons (they are rendered before names). In this case the toilets block the rendering of the name of the building that contains them on zoom 17.

(21 Jun '14, 10:56) cartinus

@yoonghm: Simon mentions «"standard" style» – there are many other styles. And someone caring especially for building names could make his own style (for our OSM data). You can find a small selection of other styles by using the layers function of the homepage. All styles may change/improve in future, so please care that the data is correct, not that the standard style shows it in the way you would like to see it. And if you have a improvement suggestion you can contact the style programmers at the github page (new account needed).

(21 Jun '14, 12:04) aseerel4c26 ♦

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