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I want to load a route relation into JOSM via the remote control. I tried to use load_object, but this only loads the relation itself and not its members. Now I'm looking for a possibility to load its members via remote control as well.

Is there any possibility to do that? Or does anyone know how to achieve this without adding every single member id to the remote control URL?

asked 20 Jun '14, 09:14

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There are a new parameter if you load objects: relation_members if you set it true using the load_object command, you get all members of the relation. The paramater and the other commands are explained here:

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answered 14 Feb '15, 21:11

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Thanks for the information. Main advantage of this solution seems to be that parent relations are loaded into the editor as well.

(17 Feb '15, 16:41) mapper999

The remote control interface has a generic "import" method that allows you to specify any URL to be loaded. You could use that and specify the URL to load the full relation.

Note however that this operation can time out if you try to load very large relations, unlike JOSM's own "download relation with members" method which loads members individually.

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answered 20 Jun '14, 10:13

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Thank you Frederik for the quick answer. This worked without timeout for a relation with 400 members. For the record the full url for the remote control is<id>/full

(20 Jun '14, 10:32) mapper999

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