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I would like to edit Erdenet map But it is very difficult to see all the buildings there in the Bing aerial image due to bad foreground transparency, whatever the background brightness be. (I know there are old buildings there because I live in Erdenet.) Is there a way to increase the foreground transparency, i.e. to lower its opacity?

asked 20 Jun '14, 04:10

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Henri de Sol...
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(21 Jun '14, 22:54) aseerel4c26 ♦

In Potlatch 2, press D to dim the foreground map.

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answered 20 Jun '14, 07:02

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Richard ♦
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I tried taking a screen shot of the Bing sat pic, adjusted it in the Mac Preview app, reintroduced it to Josm using the PicLayer plugin, aligned it (with difficulty) and for all the effort was only a slight improvement.

I used bingimageanalyzer and searched for Erdenet, Mongolia and adjusted the opacity for the screen shot but it could be taken from the Josm display.

Hope someone finds an easier way :)



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answered 20 Jun '14, 06:03

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What nevw is trying to say in this answer ;) is that your problem isn't foreground opacity, but the fact that the image quality at that location is just bad.

(20 Jun '14, 10:10) cartinus

Ah! OK, thank you Cartinus: I understand now. I thought there were a kind of colored foreground masking the background. But photographing a town under snow is not the best time for cartography.

(21 Jun '14, 16:56) Henri de Sol...

As far as I know this is not possible with the iD-editor on

The offline editor JOSM allows you to select different map styles for the foreground layer. It also allows you to toggle the foreground on and off while editing, so you can get a good look at the background before you try to trace over it.

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answered 20 Jun '14, 05:00

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