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I am editing a large medical center that has many building and kinds of roads. There is a large parking structure (building) for general patient/family use. The rest of the parking spaces that are spread around the complex are restricted to various reasons that you are there.

I don't see these attributes for the amenity=parking [lot] or service=parking_aisle :

  • valet (an employee parks your car for you but you must leave the key--these spaces are for the valet's use)
  • emergency room (a patient is receiving urgent care in the nearby emergency room)
  • ambulance (the vehicle is stopped to carry a patient in)
  • handicapped (a patient can't walk far and has a wheelchair sticker on the car)
  • permit (an employee or frequent visitor has permission to park in the same lot/space each time)
  • reserved (saved spot)
  • 20-minute drop-off (someone is parking for less than 20 minutes)
  • courier (for someone locally delivering packages, documents, medical equipment)
  • deliveries (for packages delivered by a shipping company)
  • employee (works at the medical center, ie a doctor)

Is there an existing way to specify this type of parking restriction (to reflect the posted signs) or would this need to be a new feature/attribute? Note that there can be different parking restrictions on each side of the road or parking aisle.

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Those restrictions have to be specified with the access tag

Furthermore you need to specify the 20-minute drop-off

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Also check the wiki about parkings. Editors do not provide all possibilities in the tagging presets:

You always have the option to enter manually tags which are not in the presets.

(17 Jun '14, 16:28) Pieren

This helps a little. I know that the values I request are not preset, so in a way, I am asking them to be standardized.

However, I don't see how a parking aisle can specify the spaces on the north side are handicapped and those on the south side are for Emergency Room use (as an example).

(17 Jun '14, 19:40) Christine_E

Somewhere on the wiki page of amenity=parking there is a link to amenity=parking_space. This is used to map individual parking spaces withing a parking lot. You can then apply any access restrictions you like (incl. new ones you invented) to the individual spaces.

(17 Jun '14, 20:09) cartinus

Perfect! This is what I was looking for.

(18 Jun '14, 18:41) Christine_E

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