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On this OpenStreetMap the woodland at the bottom is incorrectly marked as pine plantation. It also lacks a name, which is Cutpursey Coppice. You can see it named and marked as deciduous woods on here.

I’ve no idea how to make these corrections and have had trouble loading the data to look at editing, even. Any help appreciated,



asked 26 Feb '11, 19:22

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Jim Killock
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I can't see that any other tag than "landuse = forest" has ever been used on that woodland:

What makes you draw the conclusion that it's marked as pine plantation?

(26 Feb '11, 19:37) gnurk

please don't use information off copyrighted sources,please read the wiki stuff about mapping and copyright

(26 Feb '11, 19:46) andy mackey

Re: @andy mackey: sure, this is a woodland I know and have visited often. My ref to a copyrighted map was for information so others could see what I observed. However, that said, copyright does not apply to facts, only to expressions. The worry would more likely be about database right, if multiple copies of facts were taken.

(30 Dec '20, 19:48) Jim Killock

Firstly, although the default 'mapnik' render does show landuse=forest with a conifer overlay this is just the interpretation of that render engine, not the data in the database.

Secondly, it is possible to view the tagging of individual items without using an editor. When zoomed in at a reasonable level, click on the (+) sign on the right-hand side of the map, and an option called 'Data' is available. This will show individual objects as clickable outlines or nodes, and also as a selectable list in a pane on the left of the screen. Information about each object can be seen by clicking on it. This includes the name of the last user to edit the object and any tag values associated with the object.

Lastly in order to make the changes to this object you need to edit the data, and add or change tags. I'd suggest reading one of several 'how-to' articles on the web: this one by Richard Weait everything I'd want to say. The tags you might like to add to this wood are: wood=deciduous, and name=Cutpursey Coppice. You may also wish to change the main tagging from landuse=forest to natural=wood : but, be aware that there is a significant overlap in the usage of the two tags. For instance Potlatch 2 (one of the online editors does not have a preset for the latter tag. (You might like to look at related questions on this issue).

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answered 26 Feb '11, 20:28

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SK53 ♦
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Thanks, someone beat me to it meantime!

(30 Dec '20, 19:50) Jim Killock

Wow. Almost ten years between the answer and the response. Thanks for the late feedback. (I hope it didn't take you that long to think about what to reply. ;-) )

(31 Dec '20, 13:48) TZorn

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