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I'm uncertain how to add nodes to the map. My interest is identifying location of gas wells in Pennsylvania. How do I i.d. the gas well as a node so that I can additional information to that specific location?


asked 26 Feb '11, 15:25

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(09 Apr '14, 13:38) SomeoneElse ♦

I suggest you start reading the Beginners' guide and then tell us where you get into trouble.

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answered 26 Feb '11, 15:50

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When you're using the OpenStreetMap editors, for both Potlatch and JOSM, you can add a node by double-clicking.

Then it's a question of which "tags" to add. A tag is a name=value pair, and the editors will allow you enter these as free text fields. To identify it as an gas well I suggest you add man_made=petroleum_well. In addition you might add other tags such as a name tag with a name, or a ref tag with reference number, to identify the well.

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answered 01 Mar '11, 15:19

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Harry Wood
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in "normal" JOSM you don't add nodes by doubleclicking, you switch to "add"-mode (key "a") and click single. There is an option (preferences->display settings->Look and Feel->Modeless working(Potlatch Style)) to add nodes on doubleclick, but this is not the default.

(02 Mar '11, 13:27) dieterdreist

Well actually... you switch to "add"-mode (key "a") and then single-click, and then you're drawing a way from that point, and to leave it as just a node you have to switch back to "select"-mode (key "s") ... or you switch to "add"-mode (key "a") and double-click ... Two different ways of doing it. But yes I also actually follow the former approach normally, and forget that double-click works. Funny how you build up instinctive muscle-memory for low-level editor tasks. There's probably ways they could be made more intuitive, but of course all the existing JOSM users would complain loudly

(03 Mar '11, 12:15) Harry Wood

when you have finished drawing you can also hit "esc" or "u" to deselect (but often you will want to keep the selection on the way to add tags, then you should indeed hit "s"). To draw just nodes without connecting ways hold "shift" while clicking.

(04 Mar '11, 00:53) dieterdreist

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