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I would like to extract OSM data concerning public transports (all kinds: bus/trams/... lines and stops) on a city I'm interested in. So on I select the "transport map" layers, which are perfectly displayed. But when I click on "extract", among the several layers I obtain (that I've converted into shp with FME), I don't get those public transport layers that were previously displayed (or the webpage stays blocked and I can't even download anything).

So am I doing it the right way? How can I download those layers?

Thanks for you help!

asked 12 Jun '14, 14:38

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I'm guessing that you're clicking on "Export" (at the top) rather than "extract" (which I don't see anywhere)?

(12 Jun '14, 14:55) SomeoneElse ♦

The "transport map" is one rendering of the data (of which there are many others). When you click "export" at the top of the page you're taken to a screen such as this one. Note that it offers numerous sources of data via external APIs (e.g. Overpass) and extracts (e.g. Geofabrik).

If your area is small enough, and you click the "export" button, you'll get all the OSM data within your area. It's not split by layers in a traditional GIS sense. See this page for what data you'll actually be getting. If you only want certain kinds of information, you'll need to find out how that data is stored in OSM (for example, bus routes are stored as relations) and extract the data that you want.

When you export data from OSM, or download an extract from e.g. Geofabrik, you're getting all the data - you'll need to process it to create the "layers" that you want. Of course, some people might have done some of this already and you may be able to use their work.

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answered 12 Jun '14, 17:38

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Thank you very much for your answer. Downloading/extracting data from e.g. OSM, Bbbike or Geofabrik an passing it into shapefiles is indeed not an issue. My problems came when I started to look for this specific data concerning public transport networks (that I need as shapefiles).

If I understand well, even if I see the data I would like to get on pages like OSM ("transport map"), or, it does not mean that the data exists as layers. Those are only renderings of the original osm data. Is that right?

(13 Jun '14, 11:08) Aldav

As far as I can see, the OSM "transport map" is just one rendered map - no overlays. The other two are rendered maps (Mapquest's tiles in the first case and OSM in the second) with transport route overlays on them (as a transparent tile layer in the second case). I can't see an "about" screen on either of the latter two maps, but I'd guess that all the overlaid data is extracted from OSM separately prior to displaying on top.

So yes, it sounds like you'd need to define the data that you want and extract it, or find someone who's already done that.

(13 Jun '14, 12:56) SomeoneElse ♦

Well ok, I'll try to do that myself. Thanks for you help.

(16 Jun '14, 14:03) Aldav

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