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I would like to be able to vary line thickness for different layers so that ways show up better for editing in JOSM. Can anyone tell me how this is done? More generally, what resources are out there to help get more control over styles in JOSM?


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Information about this is on the JOSM wiki. Note that JOSM has just introduced the new "MapCSS" styles in addition to the old schema called "MapPaint". MapCSS is probably easier for you to work with.

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answered 26 Feb '11, 07:51

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I was able to modify line width by creating a map paint style involving an invented tag to be used only for display purposes when editing. Lacking xml skills, I did this:

download existing map paint style modify <rules> so that my invented tag paints a thick line for invented key/value condition modify name, author, etc. save xml file locally load local file as an active map paint style add invented tag to apply map style to objects. edit delete invented tag before upload - important

Comments? I played around with the Halcyon demo at Where do I load a MapCSS file in JOSM?

(26 Feb '11, 19:11) betsy

The problem I was having related to the fact that all inactive layers have identical style in JOSM. What style sheet can fix that? We found the most effective method for visibility was to create a copy of the file and convert to GPX, where you have more control over color and line thickness through preferences.

(15 Mar '11, 21:59) betsy
  • Hit F12 in JOSM > choose third tab (map projection & styles) > choose MapPaint-Styles
  • On the right side of the Dialog you will find a "+" that you can use to add URLs as well as files..

  • to activate the style use the checkbox on the left of loaded styles in the same dialog

  • or use MapPaint dock window in JOSM

Greetings, cmuelle8

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answered 15 Mar '11, 08:22

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Right, this process was used in creating the style I described above.

(15 Mar '11, 21:56) betsy

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