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Hello, While editing the road network in OSM we have encountered a situation, which we are not sure how to tag.

Temporary HGV destination road signs.

Roads are being repaired and some of the town couincils refuse the HGV traffic to pass through their towns for the duration of the repairs.

We have found two ways to do it and we would like some guidance on which one to choose:

The goal of the tag is to express that only HGV who are supplying the road can enter and that it will in effect from date x to date y.

Option 1


Option 2

hgv:conditional=destination @ (20.10.2014-28.11.2014)

Which one is better to use? Thank you for all yout answers.

asked 12 Jun '14, 08:51

Tomas%20Pajonk's gravatar image

Tomas Pajonk
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You should prefer using conditional access restrictions instead of the temporary proposal. It is more widely in use and more flexible.

However your date doesn't follow the specification. The time & date in the condition field should follow the specification of the opening_hours key which in turn is based on the time domains proposal. So if I'm not mistaken it has to be

hgv:conditional=destination @ (2014 Oct 20-2014 Nov 28)

But don't expect any software to handle this correctly at the moment.

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answered 12 Jun '14, 12:05

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scai ♦
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Thank you.

(12 Jun '14, 12:49) Tomas Pajonk

Hi Tomas, there have been questions like yours before, please read the links. And search with temporary for more. And yes it’s possible to add the time of the construction, but it won’t disappear from OSM out of its self. You’ll have to remember as owner of the action to remove it afterwards. I would go for just one line option 1 ; hgv=no, temporary:period=3-4-2014 - 12-8-2014

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answered 12 Jun '14, 09:34

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edited 12 Jun '14, 09:42


Your temporary syntax is completely wrong, please re-read the proposal. The correct tags would be temporary:hgv=destination, temporary:date_on=2014-10-20, temporary:date_off=2014-11-28. But the temporary proposal is a bad idea anyway because it doesn't support multiple overlapping conditions. Conditional access restrictions are more flexible.

(12 Jun '14, 10:01) scai ♦

It is not HGV no. HGV can go there if it has a purpose. Ie. construction on the road closes the road, but vehicles cannot go through nearby village and completely ruin its one lane road (though if the vehicles must go to the village, they are allowed to enter)

(12 Jun '14, 10:18) Tomas Pajonk

Thanks for the link.

(12 Jun '14, 10:18) Tomas Pajonk

Oh you are right, I changed it to hgv=destination :).

(12 Jun '14, 10:28) scai ♦

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