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SO, I own a HTC One with Android 4.3, and I frequnelty use the Osmand app (free version, up-to-date), because I like the offline map function and I like the great detail found in the maps. I never had trouble donwloading or using the regular maps. Recently I bought the Contour Lines plugin, since that's the one thing I am missing in the app so far, and downloaded the correpsonding Contour Lines file to my region. The regular map I (succesfully) use is Canada British-Columbia northamerica.obf and the Contour lines map I downloaded was Canada british-columbi-SW northamerica.srtm.obf since I live on Vancouver Island in the Victoria Area. When I loook at 'Data Management' the 'World basemap' and 'Canada BC' are both displayed in bold font, while the contour lines map is not, from which I take it is not loaded properly? I have the plugin activate in my plugins settings and the map is in the SRTM subfolder of the app. I also tried looking around the BC area of the map to see whether it displays countour lines in any other area, but that's not the case. OI have set my 'Show contour lines. setting under 'rendering attributes' to 11, but changing that didn't work either. Also, I don't know if this matters but there is no tickbox next to 'show contour lines'. I appreciate your help, Spadress

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Ah - I see you've already found the OsmAnd Google Group :)

(11 Jun '14, 23:13) SomeoneElse ♦

The question has been closed for the following reason "off topic to OSM. This is about a (Osmand is not "officially" by OSM) app which uses OSM. Contour lines / height info is not even fetched from OSM. Please discuss the "Contour Lines plugin" elsewhere - e.g. in the group where you've already posted." by aseerel4c26 13 Jun '14, 01:57

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