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Hi, guys.

So, I'm doing a project involving mapping historical "L" train systems in Chicago, IL. I was originally going to use openstreetmap but found openhistoricalmap instead. I know that there is development on a slider to pass through time on openhistoricalmap. My question was, do you all know if it's open to development from users on OSM and OHM?

asked 10 Jun '14, 17:04

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Sorry - don't quite understand the last sentence - maybe you could clarify?

(10 Jun '14, 17:18) SomeoneElse ♦

Sorry - that was unclear. On the OpenHistoricalMap wiki

It says that there's a development on the sliders. Are we allowed to help build code to make the slider work, or are only the developers allowed to program the maps?

(10 Jun '14, 17:23) lmirza3

The development seems to be happening on github. You can probably start by forking a project and sending a merge request. You'll probably also want to join the discussion on the mailing list.

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answered 10 Jun '14, 17:34

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(and although I'm not involved in OpenHistoricalMap in any way) like other OSM projects they're all volunteers and I'm sure that they'd value all offers of assistance.

(10 Jun '14, 17:44) SomeoneElse ♦

The best place for a quick chat is on the #ohm IRC channel at irc://

(10 Jun '14, 19:12) SK53 ♦
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answered 10 Jun '14, 22:09

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That (selecting railways in that map) doesn't seem to do anything useful though?

Also, some of the data that it does display (e.g. node 2221979261) seems of particularly poor quality too (for example, that shouldn't be one node but an series of locations; and the location of that one node has reference to a wikimedia picture of somewhere else entirely)

(10 Jun '14, 22:52) SomeoneElse ♦

OpenHistoricalMap makes use of the OSM technology stack, but as a data store is independent. OSM elements may have historical aspects, but they are not immediately anything to do with OHM.

(10 Jun '14, 23:20) SK53 ♦

For example, many of the current rail systems in the L system of Chicago were previously part of the first, oldest structures of the L. So can I put these old structures in and somehow have layers to show the building of the modern L system? If I can't use a slider yet, layers might be a good solution.

(11 Jun '14, 21:48) lmirza3

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