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If I want to copy all tags from a node to a node or from a way to a way, I hit R for Repeat (or is it Replicate?) Let's say I am looking at a well tagged POI node that came from GNIS or another source, and I have now marked the outline of that POI and want to replace the node with an outline while preserving all the existing tagging (or that portion of it that is applicable to ways). Is this easily doable or am I stuck copying tag by tag by hand? R does not work as far as I can tell.

asked 25 Feb '11, 17:59

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If you start with the node with the tags, select it and then shift-click off it you convert it into a closed rectangular way with the same tags. Then you can drag that around to be the correct shape. Does this help?

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answered 30 Jun '12, 12:40

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I guess my question is really a duplicate of this one. (Is it possible to merge questions?)

In any case, from the answer to my question, it appears to be a feature in the works, at least for converting from a POI to rectangle.

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answered 04 Apr '11, 04:38

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As far as I know, this is not possible. In most cases it does not make sense anyway.

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answered 25 Feb '11, 19:10

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I've missed a copy all tags-functionality myself in JOSM, for example when converting a church stored as a node into a building. It slows down the workflow when one has to copy or reenter amenity, name, religion, denomination, wikipedia, phone, bla, bla, bla, tag by tag.

If you do a lot of node into building/area conversions it gets really annoying after a while.

Maybe the thing actually requested is a transform-functionality, that transforms a node to a triangle and moves all tags from the node to the way.

(25 Feb '11, 19:49) gnurk

JOSM does have this feature: Select the node, then Edit menu -> Copy (or Ctrl-C), then select the way, then use edit menu -> "Paste Tags" (or Ctrl=Shift-V).

That will copy all of the tags across.

(25 Feb '11, 20:21) Vclaw

Wow, thanks Vclaw! Just tested in JOSM and it did work.

(25 Feb '11, 20:25) gnurk

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