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While driving north east on the A31 ( I saw a large body of water, to the north of the road, that is not shown on the map. I cannot map it from Bing because Bing just shows large scale work in that area, so I would like to leave a note either asking anyone local to complete the map, or reminding anyone (me?) to update the map when revised imagery is available. I wondered about using a 'fixme' tag, but the problem is that nothing is mapped in the area where the lake now exists, so there is no node for a 'fixme' tag to be attached to. Can anyone advise me?

asked 09 Jun '14, 19:53

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I'd add a note to the map. If you look to the right-hand side of the screen at the lowest of the unlabelled symbols, there's one that might just about be thought of as a speech bubble. Click that, drag the blue marker to where you want to leave the note, fill in the text at the left-hand side, and then click "add note". This mechanism is designed especially for situations like yours, where you've seen something but haven't had chance to map it in detail:

alt text

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answered 09 Jun '14, 21:46

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Agree, though with a note that in this case the lakes are in OS OpenData StreetView which is likely to be more up-to-date than the aerial imagery, if you wanted to add them from there until updated imagery is available.

(10 Jun '14, 09:19) EdLoach ♦

(to expand a bit on what EdLoach was saying) there are updates to OS OpenData StreetView twice a year, I believe (Spring and Autumn) and tiles are created from those updates shortly after that. Bing imagery may be from any time within the last few years. The OS don't update every feature every 6 months though, and in the case of quarries / gravel pits (which these look like from the imagery) there may be frequent change to areas of water as (a) it rains and (b) extraction progresses.

But yes, in the absence of better data (and the ability to survey a private area), OSSV is a good start.

(10 Jun '14, 17:40) SomeoneElse ♦

I have accepted this answer because it seems the most generally useful to anyone else with a similar question, but I would also like to thank Andy Mackey for adding the missing lakes to the map.

(16 Jun '14, 19:46) Madryn

I have mapped a small lake estimating the shore lines. If the lake can be seen from surrounding roads it is possible to sight a object that aligns with a feature on Bing and the map as it is and plot some lines. Take screen shots and print them then take this with you and estimate some lines that can be sketched on your plan you could use a compass. do this from two or three vantage points and it should be possible to do rough lake shape. In my opinion it's better a simplified lake shape on the map than none at all. Before GPS and Aerial were available maps plotted using geometric methods. There may be something in the WIKI to help. have a look at walking papers and the newer or could you get a local glider club to photo it for you, they must like OSM surely?

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answered 10 Jun '14, 17:49

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andy mackey
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If I lived nearer to the lake, I would certainly try to map it, by approximate methods if it is not feasible to make a GPS trace of its perimeter. However, I am not yet so addicted as to set off on a 70 mile round trip to map a small lake. My best option seems to be to leave a note on the map, so that either someone living nearby will map it, or I will remember to do so when an updated aerial image is available.

(13 Jun '14, 22:22) Madryn

I mapped the lakes 12/06/2014 using the open data street view as suggested by EdLoach. A background layer that I haven't used before. The lake looks as though it's size changes quite bit according to rainfall judging from the dry looking bing image.

(13 Jun '14, 23:11) andy mackey

Hi madryn, I think that you’re always able to set a fix me tag at the right spot. Using the coordinates of the place or just point it approximatly with the description of you’re view. It still needs to be mapped locally because you don’t know what kind of body you saw, for instance pond or lake and so on. Or use to search a local mapper and send him/her a mail with your question.

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answered 09 Jun '14, 20:54

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