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I would like to do some editing on a fast changing urban area. Online satelite imagery is really out of date, but I have good imagery available locally. Where can I find best practices on how to either use the local imagery in an available editor, or make edits in an external software then upload and finalize the data? The answer hear doesn't need to be a tutorial, but if someone could point me to one. Though I would prefer to stay inside OSM editors, but have tools that could export KML, or possibly other types of appropriate data.

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Assuming your local imagery is available under a compatible license or you have explicit permission.

There are two plugins for the JOSM editor that could help you with this.

If you are allowed to upload the imagery to the web, then you can also use Map Warper.

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Thank you for your interest in helping the local OSM community :)

I guess the JOSM editor has the best ability to add local stored imagery, even if some external rectifying services can also be used by iD.

The general steps are:

  • Add images and align to a georeference
  • rectify the result, so it matches well without any strange deformations and drifts
  • start tracing

Please take care that the source matchs with existing OSM data and gps tracks as producing misplaced objects is a big problem of armchair mapping. You will get a better idea if you look at some (outdated) video tutorials:

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answered 09 Jun '14, 13:24

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