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Im looking for nodes of type dividers. These dividers sometimes are just a paint in the middle of the road, sometimes about 1 feet high, sometimes with fense (so pedestrians dont just cross anywhere), sometimes with green bushes, sometimes even trees. What is this type of node called in OSM?

Example the concrete drivider here: alt text

asked 09 Jun '14, 08:10

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I would consider this a physical separation of the two roads. And permanent physically separated roads should be mapped using two separate ways.

For the divider you can use barrier=wall with wall=jersey_barrier. You can optionally add additional tags like material=concrete, height etc.

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answered 16 Jun '14, 07:27

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Note that for dividers that are just painted lines we don't split the way in two oneway ways. It stays a single way, but you can add the lanes tag.

(16 Jun '14, 15:04) cartinus

In case paint, I agree. Thanks.

(16 Jun '14, 17:15) thevikas

Hi thevikas, consider usng this one. it looks like youre searching for this type of traffic calming obstacle. By the way, welcome.

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answered 09 Jun '14, 08:55

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thats almost there, except that its not island. they stretch the whole roads, just as you said, breaking into two one ways. have added a pic for better understanding. We call it dividers. But thats not in OSM tags.

(16 Jun '14, 07:01) thevikas

They are few proposals on the wiki. The most advanced one is here :

But, as said by scai, you pic example requires two separate ways in OSM. You can read more about this here :

(17 Jun '14, 16:17) Pieren

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