how do i search by lattitude/longitude

asked 07 Jun '14, 01:19

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What are you looking for? Addresses at a location or are you looking for POIs near a place?

(07 Jun '14, 08:10) SimonPoole ♦

How I understand it, you want to be able to enter the latitude/longitude inside the search box (at and get brought there. At the moment this is not possible. You can do this by typing your coordinates into the search box, like this: "50.6950 13.3829", where 50.6950 is your latitude and 13.3829 is your longitude. Another way is to type them directly inside the URL:'zoomlevel'/'latitude'/'longitude'

Replace the stuff inside the apostrophes with the following:

  • 'zoomlevel' = something between 0 (no zoom) and 19 (highest zoom)
  • 'latitude' = the latitude you want
  • 'longitude' = the longitude you want

If this is not what you want, you have to explain your question better.

Edit: Thanks for Tordanik for pointing out that you can actually search for latitute/longitude inside the search box.

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answered 07 Jun '14, 13:41

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Dominik Berger
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By the way, is just a short url for ;)

(07 Jun '14, 14:32) Dominik Berger

You can enter coordinates into the search box, e.g. like this: "50.6950 13.3829" The first search result will be a link to that place on the map.

(07 Jun '14, 16:35) Tordanik

Oops, I didn't know that. I have edited the answer.

(07 Jun '14, 16:41) Dominik Berger

I think the user refers to 'reverse geocoding' that returns the closest road/address to a geopoint. This is supported e.g. by nominatim

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answered 07 Jun '14, 09:49

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