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How do I edit a section of the map to my own individual type for saving

asked 25 Feb '11, 12:56

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This question doesn't really make sense to me. You could edit your question to use some more technical jargon. For example, are you talking about "rendering"? But failing that, please just describe your desired end result in a little more detail.

(01 Mar '11, 11:42) Harry Wood

I'd recommend checking out Maperitive, it's quite an easy way of selecting and exporting parts of a map.

For editing, Maperetive can export vector graphics (SVG) for Inkscape or Illustrator, or bitmap graphics for editing in any regular image editor. I haven't tried the SVG, but I assume that would be the best if you want to edit features on the map, not only add POIs on top.

If you want to export as editable SVG you'll have to download the OSM data (e.g. from Geofabrik) for use in Maperitive, not use the default web-source.

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answered 27 Feb '11, 09:07

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Is Maperitive cross-platform or made entirely of fail (ie, Windows-only)?

(27 Feb '11, 18:20) Baloo Uriza

It's made in .NET, but the hompage says it runs on Linux/Mac with Mono ( installed. I'll leave the degree of fail for you to decide... ;)

(27 Feb '11, 18:27) riyaah

I'm assuming the question is:

How do I change the Openstreetmap data, adding features, roads and places and then render it so I can get a picture of a map but with my changes

There is no such webservice available that I know of. You can solve it but it takes lots of work.

You can checkout, but it is probably not worth your time:


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answered 25 Feb '11, 13:11

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As suggested, maperitive is an easy solution. But if you want to use mapnik, you can:

  • store your edits in a .osm file
  • import this data in a postgis database
  • built a mapnik style using your own database

I've done that and wroten some notes. Let me know if you need more details.

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answered 28 Feb '11, 13:10

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To get user-styled maps generated by Mapnik, have also a look at

(28 Feb '11, 20:34) stephan75

It doesn't list .osm as something you can use:

(01 Mar '11, 10:43) emj

@emj: ... but you can load shape files. OSM data in shp format is available at or

(01 Mar '11, 16:30) stephan75

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