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Here is my question: Does anyone know why OSM has different attribute values from the same element and same frame time?

The example explains itself, when I try the Shapefile from different mirrors like , and; I find that they have a mistake with the Direction of Travel on its attribute value.


When I check in the website: here the link , I see on its attribute value that there is no mistake at all and has its right value.

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I've tried the GIS software QGIS (Version 2.2) with OSM Plugin. I've just tested with an small .map file and surprisingly, I have exported a Shapefile with all its original attributes. Here's what I have when I open in an ArcGIS session:

Select by

So, at least, I'll have YES/NO/ /-1, and I could manage it in a better way.

Thanks for your support!!

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The Geofabrik shape only knows oneway=0 or oneway=1. In cases where OSM has oneway=-1, the Geofabrik shape should revert the direction of the way, and label it oneway=1. However upon closer inspection I found that there was a bug in the creation of the shapes, and the reversal was not triggered. I have now fixed that, and updated shape files should be available within 24 hours. They will still not have a -1 but they will have a reversed geometry in such cases.

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answered 05 Jun '14, 23:51

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Frederik Ramm ♦
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Thanks @FrederikRamm ,just to clear up: What do you mean when you talk about working on the reversed geometry? What I have understood or what I think is that the Fist point and Last point from each reverted line will be commuted, isn't it?

(06 Jun '14, 08:29) juasmilla

@juasmilla: A way is an ordered list of nodes. So to reverse its direction (e.g. affecting the "oneway" direction) the full list of the way's nodes needs to be reversed. This includes swapping its first and last node, yes.

(06 Jun '14, 10:30) aseerel4c26 ♦

Yes of course @aseerel4c26, I didn't express well. Thanks!

(06 Jun '14, 10:54) juasmilla

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